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Read This Before Using Wartrol

There are many websites that claim that Wartrol has no side effects. While Wartrol side effects are very rare and tend to only occur in sensitive individuals, there are always potential side effects when you use a medication. The vast majority of Wartrol side effects aren’t that bad, and can usually be fixed by discontinuing the medication. There is, however, the possibility that you might have a serious allergic reaction. In this case you should immediately talk with a physician.

Skin Irritation

This is probably the most common side effect. Wartrol uses two different types of alcohol compounds, and its active ingredient is salicylic acid. Most people do not experience Wartrol side effects, but if you have sensitive skin, then you might feel some irritation.

It would probably be a good idea to stop treatment before the irritation becomes a distinct rash.


Another of the common side effects of Wartrol is toxic buildup. This can be easily avoided just be following the instructions on the label. They clearly state that Wartrol should not be used for more than twelve weeks consecutively. The acid slowly builds up on and in the skin over time and can cause problems for you if you go past the twelve consecutive week limit.

Most people are fine after the 12 weeks, but you shouldn’t push your luck. If your warts are the same after 12 weeks, then it might be time to speak with a physician.

Various Skin Conditions

Wartrol can cause various skin conditions if you don’t use it correctly. This is something else clearly stated on the label. You should not use Wartrol on hairy warts, birthmarks, moles or infected skin. Doing so can make the damage worse, and it can cause burning, bleeding and other problems.

Wartrol should only be used on skin that is affected by HPV warts. This will greatly reduce the chance of you experiencing any skin problems.

Lung Irritation

Another one of the Wartrol side effects is lung irritation. This occurs if you breathe in the vapors, so be sure to keep the bottle away from your nose. If you do breathe it in, then close the cap and go to a well-ventilated area to reduce any side effects.

Eye Irritation

The alcohol and acid in Wartrol makes it very irritating to eyes. You should not suffer any vision loss, but it will sting if it gets in your eyes. Just wash your eyes with water and see if your eyes feel better. If they still hurt after 15 to 20 minutes, then you might want to see a physician.


There are very few people that have suffered from any Wartrol side effects, and the most common is very light skin irritation. However, it is still a good idea to talk with a physician before using Wartrol just to be on the safe side. He or she will be able to warn you about other possible side effects based on your level of health, and it will also prepare the physician if a side effect does occur.