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Relationship Between Environment And Health

Do you believe that the environment that you live can affect your health too? Of course healthy environment will keep you healthy and fit. Even anyone who is not at all connected with medical profession will also vouch for this. At the same time, it is also true that any health problem cannot be directly attributed to the environment. There are many other factors like lifestyle and genetics also has a bearing in our health.

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Some benefits of environment in our health

  1. If you breathe clean air where there is very little emission from car, bus, industrial process etc. then you will have less chances of diseases like asthma, lungs problem and allergy symptoms.
  2. Also if you get clean water supply then you can drink clean water and bathe in clean water. In such environment, you can be free from chronic diarrhea and various other skin problems. By clean water we mean the water which is free from pollutants, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. The bacteria count also should be low in clean water.


  1. If people live in better environment then they will prefer to go by walking, cycling or other transportation that does not emit harmful gases. This will also promote better health as people will be more active and dynamic. Using motorized vehicle will not only make people lazy and lethargic, but also it pollutes the environment. There is a direct relation between public health with better environment.
  2. If there is more energy conservation then we will have more healthy people around. That is because if we start using petrol driven cars, coal driven electrical generation then there will be pollution in the air. Even by using clean coal you cannot reduce the pollution in the environment.
  3. More we pollute the air with petrol driven cars and coal driven electrical generator we end up depleting ozone layer, which is the major cause of global warming. All of these have got direct bearing with our health.
  4. Last but not the least if we grow more trees and plants in our surroundings then we can certainly make the environment better. That is why you will find that most of the government agencies are promoting for more plantation of trees.

Most of the pharmaceuticals are nowadays are being developed from plant material. Therefore, if we promote more growth of plants then indirectly we are promoting better health.