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Weight Loss Tricks Anyone Can Use

Do you naturally want to change the channel or leave the internet page the minute you see the phrase weight loss? If so you are not alone, it has become such a huge money grubbing industry that most people are simply sick of hearing about the next “miracle” set of weight loss tricks! Yet, there is real help and hope out there and every time you read a story about a person who dropped 100-150 pounds, you know it can be done. It is the how that eludes most of us. Here are some simple weight loss tricks you can put in practice starting today!

Record Food

What is the first thing a financial advisor will tell you when you want to save money and pay down debt? Keep a journal of every expenditure, right? Weight loss is much the same, until you know where the extra calories are coming from it is going to be very difficult to lose weight and weight loss tricks really will not do you any good. For the next week pull out a handy notebook, (travel size is perfect) and every time you eat, make note of what and when. During this period do not attempt to lose weight or cut back on calories, just keep a record of what you are consuming.

Once you have a firm grip on where your weaknesses are and the number of calories you are consuming, look for foods you can reduce or eliminate. Do you drink a 20-ounce soft drink every day? One soda of this size is roughly 360 calories, one pound of fat is 3500 calories, by eliminating this one drink in 10 days or less you could lose a pound! No gym required. These weight loss tricks are going to send you soaring toward your weight loss goals quickly and painlessly.

Track Progress

As you begin losing weight, again you want to keep a journal. Track your progress much the same way you would watch your savings account grow. Each small victory along the way will spur you on to greater accomplishments, which means these weight loss tricks will become the norm. Instead of a small notebook, opt for a large chart you can hang on the refrigerator.

Eliminate Junk Food- Fact or Fiction?

Do you have to completely eliminate junk food? If you eat very little to begin with you probably will not struggle too much with this elimination. However, most people need a little something nice in their daily routine; otherwise, the journey becomes too difficult. So, treat yourself responsibly, eat junk food in moderation.

What about diet pills?

pills for weight loss

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of weight loss pills on the market today and many require a prescription and contain addictive substances. Which is one reason a lot of people are opting for all natural diet pills. How? All natural diet pills utilize substances found in nature that have been shown to increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. How each one works will vary depending on the active ingredients. Why? Why are all natural diet pills better than prescriptions? For starters, they do not contain potentially harmful chemicals and addictive substances. In a nutshell, all natural varieties are generally safer than the prescription alternatives.


Will these simple weight loss tricks work for you? The beauty of these tips and tricks is their simplicity and lack of pressure. Not everyone can run a mile per day, but nearly everyone can keep a food journal and begin eliminating high calorie foods from their diet. So, yes these weight loss tricks can help you reach your desired weight in record time!